Letter from the President

Dear Kappa Sisters,

Summer is flying by, and we are are already moving into our fun fall events!  Late summer and fall for the Akron Alumnae Association holds the opportunity for every lady to find something new and interesting to take part.  These events are further detailed in the newsletter and on this webpage.  I am very ecited to be working on the committee to plan Founders Day this year, and I am looking forward to seeing you all there.  This year Founders Day will be on Sunday, October 12th at Quaker Square (on The Unversity of Akron's campus).  A delicious buffet-style lunch will be served, followed by a fantastic ceremony.  Come celebrate our 50, 60 and 75 year Kapps.  Please, be sure to to send in your RSVP slip located in the newsletter.

I was so honored to get to participate in the fun at the 2014 Kapps Convention in Houston, Texas, this year.  I could write so many stories and tell you so much of whate I learned, but I will keep it short.  Akron Alumnae Association received an honorable mention for Most Supportive Association to a Local Chapter and Use of Ritual.  I am very proud of the work we did over the past year, and I look forward to many new and exciting things in the future.

AAA has discussed and agreed upon a plan to host a Girls Academy in the Akron area.  This can be a major time commitment, but it will be a life-changing even for so many.  I will keep you updated as we move forward in joint with Lambda Chapter to host this great event.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping and/or supporting Girls Academy.

This year we have added a new position to the Akron Alumnae Association Board called the Pathways Chairman who will assist AAA with learning, education and volunteer projects throughout the year.  Thank you to Shelly M. for taking on this position.  The association also plans to place a Registrar on the slate next year to help develop and organize Lambda and AAA history so that we may have these treasures for years to come.  These two positions help us uphold the ideals that we have always strived to achieve.  

I would like to thank Kim S., Tricia E., and many more who donated a tremendous amount of time and effort to the newest project at the Kappa Lodge.  Take time to drive by in September to see the new look to the front of the house that is also preventing further water damage and foundation concerns.  Thank you so much!

 Keri D.

President, Akron Alumnae Association