Electronic Reference Filing


Only initiated members may write a reference for Potential New Members (PNM). All Kappa references are to be submitted online at www.kappa.org/references. You must be logged in to www.kappa.org from a laptop or desk top (not an iPad or tablet) to submit a reference. You will receive email notification from the Fraternity that your reference has been successfully submitted online.

The online reference form does not provide space to submit any letters of support. It is designed to be a reference only. NO LETTERS OF SUPPORT ARE NEEDED. *Please note that the Austin Recruitment Committee cannot submit a reference online on your behalf! You must be logged into the Kappa Fraternity website, as the submission is specific to you. Help in submitting online references or receiving a username and password can be found by calling the Fraternity at 1-866-KKG-1870 (1-866-554-1870) or 614-228-6515. You can also reach them by email at membershipservices@kkg.org

Questions? Contact austinkkgrecs@gmail.com.








































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