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Welcome Message from our President

Dear Kappa Sisters,
As I prepared for 2012 Convention in Jacksonville, I wondered how my perspective would change from my last convention 36 years ago.   I was surprised to find “Kappa redefined” as an organization dedicated to encouraging, developing, and recognizing women’s leadership. 
Nothing illustrated this point better than the Alumnae Achievement Awards program.  Six inspirational women were recognized. First, Doris Buffet (George Washington and yes, sister of Warren) was recognized for her philanthropic work.  She has given over 100 million dollars and is famous for saying, “a grant without collaboration is a handout, and we never give a handout, we give a hand up.”   Another recipient was Holly Busche Cottor (Arizona) who founded a pediatric respite and hospice care facility after giving birth to a child with a rare and often fatal disease.  At the time there was only one other such facility in the U.S. and Holly’s has become a model for others since.  Jennie Miller Helderman  (Alabama), author and victims advocate, recently wrote the book,  As the Sycamore Grows, an award winning finalist in the Women’s Issues category of The USA “Best Book 2011” Awards.  The book gives a glimpse into one woman’s true story of manipulation and abuse. Sabra Tull Meyer (Missouri) is a renowned artist whose works are on display in many public as well as private collections.  She is best known for her larger-than-life bronze work depicting the beginning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Jefferson City, MO.  She commented that her Kappa friends are more important to her today than when she was an active. Karen Stedtfeld  Offen, Ph.D. (Idaho) is an authority on women’s history , cross-cultural roles and European and American feminism.  She has worked more than three decades to make women’s history essential.  Karen felt something was missing from a male-focused history. Finally, Lynda “Sunny” Hare Scribante (Texas) works tirelessly in many charities but is most passionate about the Wounded Warriors rehabilitation program which trains therapy horses to work with soldiers with head injuries. These six women are testament to the strong Kappa foundation we all share.
It is important to stay connected to Kappa and our sisterhood so that we receive continued encouragement and inspiration from each other, and likewise we encourage and inspire those who follow us.  I hope you will join our Chattanooga Alumnae organization this year.  Come to all, some, or just one of our activities.  We would love to see you and get to know you.

Patti, President


Last Updated: September 4, 2012