Calling all Columbia Kappas!

          On behalf of the Columbia Alumnae Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma I would like to welcome to you to join us for an outstanding year of fun, fraternity, and friendship. From natives to newcomers, graduates to grandparents, all Kappa Alumnae are accepted and encouraged to become part of our group. I have the great privilege of serving as the Alumnae President for my second term, and I cannot express how excited I am about the progress we have made, as well as what we are capable of accomplishing this year. As a whole, our goals for this year are to increase membership by 15%, be more accessible and available to all members, and to become more of a presence in the community through philanthropy and fundraising. 
           We are still glad to offer our online dues payment option through WePay this year, as well as the new “on the spot” credit card payment option through Square. Please check out our Membership section to learn more about the different membership levels and incentives, along with all the options on how to easily pay your dues.
           “Aspire to be” is the new brand of Kappa Kappa Gamma. At convention the new website was released along with this new slogan. What do you “aspire to be” this year? A better Kappa or friend? More outgoing? More organized? Kappa related or not, we should all “Aspire to be” something better than what we are now. Convention 2012 was an awe inspiring experience for me that I will never forget. I met so many Kappa women that I “aspire to be” like as I grow in this fraternity. Kappa is the tie that binds us and its traditions & rituals are something we cannot find in any other organization. It is and should always be a part of our lives. We sincerely want and need your help to attain our reachable goals, and we know that without you there would be no association. I look forward to seeing you soon!


Columbia Alumnae Association President