Why Are Dues Important & For What are they Used?

Paying our dues is a way of giving back to Kappa. It shows that we value lifelong friendships and the support that we have received through the years from Kappa.

Kappas are asked to pay dues to their alumnae association each year to be in “good standing” with the Fraternity. Our alumnae associations are in turn asked to pay a portion of these dues ($22 per member per year) to our Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, to also be in good standing.  The future of our Fraternity depends on our alumnae associations not only surviving, but thriving. We need our alumna members to be connected to other Kappas, to share their time and talents, to promote the Fraternity so that it can continue to be strong for future generations. To do that, we need our members to join their local alumnae association.

The amount of the dues collected above $22 stays within the local alumnae association and supports the activity of the association, including: newsletters, postage, sending representatives to Province meeting and Convention, events, and giving within the community, the active chapters and the Kappa Foundation. We also have three optional membership levels in addition to the recent graduate and basic rates. Any member who wishes to make a donation to the Association above the basic membership rate may choose the Blue Owl, Golden Key, or Fleur de Lis level of membership. These members will receive special recognition at Founders Day if dues are received by October 9th.

** Please share this Web site with all of your Kappa sisters in Columbus!  Out of the 1,200 alumnae on our galley, we only have email addresses for about 250.  You can also forward their information or have them contact us at
columbuskappa@gmail.com.  Thank you for your help! 

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