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Rose McGill: The Person, The Fund, The Magazine Agency

Her name is familiar to all Kappas. Her fame, however, is not the result of great intellect or leadership, as her early death prevented such accomplishment.

Rose McGill, a Kappa from Beta Psi, Toronto, had contracted tuberculosis. She was unable to keep up with the medical bills and thus was offered financial assistance from her chapter. In time, though, these funds also ran out. During the 1922 Convention, a Beta Psi delegate, concerned about her chapter’s inability to properly help Rose McGill, asked those attending if there were any provisions for helping Kappas who were financially in need. Because there were none, the Fraternity developed the Rose McGill Fund, a means of providing deserving Kappas, collegians and/or alumnae, outright gifts in times of financial difficulty. And, in 1933, the Rose McGill Magazine Agency of Kappa Kappa Gamma was established to further provide income to the Rose McGill Fund.

While the Rose McGill Magazine Agency has closed, you can still support Kappa's Rose McGill Fund when you order or renew your magazines with National Community Services. Click the link above or contact NCS at:

Customer Service
P.O. Box 891
Selmer, TN 38375
Phone: 877-531-1769
Local: 731-434-1053

So ask yourself, why would I ever buy a magazine directly from the publisher when I can support the Rose McGill Fund if I buy this same magazine through the Rose McGill Magazine Agency? It’s a win-win situation! You receive a magazine and Kappa helps a member in financial need.