The Kappa Kappa Gamma Columbus Alumnae Association has always been a strong group since its founding, and friendships made in college have continued to grow with the passing years. A big bonus is that the area boasts over 1000 alumnae and they are not just from The Ohio State University but from all over the country . It is a joy to make new friends and keep the old! Being located in the heart of Ohio, the association has the privilege and responsibility for providing advisors and house board members to chapters at Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Denison University. The executive board of the association has normally involved at least 20 members with many others assisting on committees and participating in the various interest groups such as book club, night owls, newcomers, Founders Day, spring luncheon, Kappa Kidney Camp, fundraising, and the Heritage Museum Guild.

Unique to the Columbus Association is the opportunity to volunteer or work at the Fraternity Headquarters. Under the direction of Beta Nu (Ohio State chapter) and Columbus Alumnae Association member Executive Secretary Clara O. Pierce, a collaboration of alumnae members and their husbands made possible the purchase of the headquarters building, the first women's fraternity to own its own building. Years later when a devastating fire damaged the building, hundreds of Columbus Alumnae volunteered to help dry books and papers, retype critical information, assist in restoring furniture and fraternity possessions, and provide food and good cheer to those whose efforts were necessary for the recovery of headquarters operations.

In earlier years the alumnae were very involved in holding summer rush parties for prospective new members and writing recommendations for qualified graduating high school seniors. For many years the association participated by volunteering with the Columbus and Ohio State University Speech and Hearing Centers, and often did fundraising such as selling greenery at Christmas, selling wrapping paper, holding auctions, and even several years of sponsoring a luncheon with bazaar where handmade items from members were sold. More recently the spring luncheon and fashion shows have proved most successful. The luncheon to honor all who have reached 50 years or more of membership has become a tradition.

Several national conventions have been held in Columbus and the alumnae have been wonderful hostesses, tour guides, and volunteer workers in all capacities to make the conventions successful. Many province and national officers have come from the ranks of the Columbus Alumnae, including former Fraternity President Sally Moore Nitschke. The Columbus Association even won the coveted McNaboe Award for outstanding alumnae association in 1968. The association sold china plates and ashtrays with a sketch of the headquarters building on it and was able to raise $1000 to give for the centennial celebration of the Fraternity in 1970 - that was a lot of money in those days!

The association supports Rose McGill with sales of magazine subscriptions and has won several national awards in this category. They also raise awareness for Reading through volunteer efforts and collection of books to share with others. The Keynoter is the newsletter of the association and links all members with the activities of the many alumnae.