Local Kappa Philanthropies
  • The Denver Alumnae Association has hosted its annual Kappa Book & Author Dinner each fall for the past 23 years. This event benefits the Craig Hospital Scholarships and scholarships for deserving actives at our four supported Kappa chapters;  University of Colorado, Colorado State University, Colorado College and the University of Wyoming through the 501 (c) 3 Corporation, the Denver Kappa Friendship Fund, Inc.
  • In addition, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation is also supported through our fundraising with financial gifts for four named scholarships in honor and memory of past Denver Alumnae Association Presidents.
Other Denver Kappa Philanthropies
  • The Denver Alumnae Association supports RIF; Reading is Fundamental, through our annual RIF Morning of Philanthropy. Books suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers are donated along with hand made crafts promoting reading to various non-profit children’s groups in the Denver area.
  • Newborns In Need is a program supported by the Denver Area Panhellenic and allows our Denver Kappas to give new items to a program at the Denver Health Hospital in downtown Denver. This program benefits their underserved population of more than 3000 newborns a year with such items as diapers, blankets, toys, clothing and strollers.
The Denver Kappa Friendship Fund, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Corporation which was established to allow donations for various purposes to be tax deductible as allowed by the IRS. In this way, the Denver Alumnae Association is able to raise funds for any need that might arise within our Kappa community. 
  • The Alumnae Assistance Fund was established to assist any of our Kappa Alumnae who might have a financial need due to illness, personal circumstances, accidents or disasters. Confidential application for assistance or donations may be made throughout the year.  These donations pass through the Denver Kappa Friendship Fund, Inc.  To donate, please see the “Donations” header on the Home Page of our website.
  • The Chapter Assistance Fund is to assist our three Colorado chapters and our one Wyoming chapter in a variety of ways that benefits the entire chapter. The fund is designated to help in areas not covered by another Kappa entity. These donations pass through the Denver Kappa Friendship Fund, Inc. To donate, please see the “Donations” header on the Home Page of our website.
National Kappa Philanthropies
  • Tax deductible gifts to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation support the fraternity through a variety of avenues. The Foundation funds and administers Rose McGill, Scholarships, Leadership & Educational Training and Museums. The Kappa Foundation is sustained and nourished by Kappas who contribute gifts, large and small, year after year, during the annual appeal. The Kappa Foundation receives gifts of cash or property, bequests, insurance policies, charitable trusts and annuities among others. Please send gifts to: The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, PO Box 38, Columbus, OH 43216-0038, or contact them at 866-KKG-1870, www.kappa.org or kkghq@kappa.org.
  • The Rose McGill Program supports many Kappas in need of financial aid as well as educational grants for Kappa students. Denver financially supports Rose McGill and participates in magazine sales. To place an order, CALL 1-800-KKG-ROSE (1-800-554-7673). The Denver Alumnae Association also participates in the Holiday Sharing Program by sending gifts and cards to a Kappa in need.




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