DNW-KKG Officer Job Descriptions

We want you!!  Do you have great ideas for parties and events or just want to become more involved with Kappa?  Please consider joining the board, we would love for you to be a part of the Kappa team. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but we assure you it’s a load of fun. If you’re apprehensive about taking on a position by yourself, then grab a friend, or two! 
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Please note that as our group continues to evolve, positions may be consolidated, re-named, or added.
Officer Job Descriptions:
PRESIDENT (2 year term)
The duties of the Association President resident are as follows:
(Refer to the President’s Notebook & “YEAR AT A GLANCE” for timeline of annual events/responsibilities)
·         Preside at all Executive & General Board Meetings
1.       Send email reminder to Board Members 2 weeks prior to meetings & ask for reports.
2.       Provide agenda w/ officer reports at each meeting, and copies of prior meeting minutes for approval. (keep hard copies of both in pres. notebook for historical records)
3.       Be familiar with basic parliamentary procedure
·         Supervise work of other officers, chairmen and committees
·         Be familiar with the Book of Ritual for Alumnae Associations
·         Every two years, supervise a review of association Bylaws and forward the result to the Province Director of Alumnae (PDA)
·         Keep a file of past annual reports
·         Relate to the association information from PDA bulletins and Fraternity mailings
1.       Distribute Fraternity (e-)mailings promptly to the proper officer or chairman
·         Send a President’s Letter in August to each Kappa alumna in area, using computer lists from HQ (Galley’s). The letter should include the association’s meeting schedule, amount of dues and deadline for payment, an invitation to membership & annual Kick-Off Dinner. (work w/ 1st VP) 
·         Supervise preparation and distribution of membership directory. The directory should include each member’s full name, maiden name, chapter, university, address and phone number and all general group information, including dates of planned Board meetings, general meetings and special events. (work w/ 1st VP)
·         Master of Ceremony at Founders Day Tea; providing candles, scripts & ritual (work w/ Education Chair)
·         With approval of the Executive Board, appoint a nominating chairperson considering ability, interest and enthusiasm
1.       Review current board positions for slating process w/ Exec. Bd. Mtg.
2.       Election of officers to take place at a Board Meeting prior to April 30th.
·         Hold a joint meeting of incoming and outgoing officers before the year end. Set goals, share ideas, review notebooks and give suggestions for the coming year. (ie., Calendar planning meeting) Set a “Calendar Planning” meeting with appropriate board members (May/June)
·         Prepare annual reports (Coordinate with Treasurer regarding financial aspects of report.)
·         Serve as a delegate to the General Convention and Province Meeting
·         Schedule an Exec. Bd. Mtg. to review/set budget (See Calendar at a Glance)
Additional Responsibilities/Timelines: 
·         Ensure that financial books are audited
·         Keep hard copies of Pres. Letter, Newsletters, Budget, Meeting Agendas & Minutes etc., in President Notebook.
·         Forward names/contact info. from “Owls Out on a Limb” and other newcomers to DNE-AA to Hospitality/Membership Chairperson
·         President & pertinent committee chairs should proof read newsletter for accurate content & pertinent info.
·         Send PDA & HQ any change of officers & addresses.
The First Vice President is responsible the following duties:
·         Attend Executive & General Board Meetings
·         Report current number of dues paying members at each meeting
·         Assemble the annual “President’s Letter” that is mailed to all members in the Detroit North Woodward Alumnae Association Galleys in August. The following pieces of information go into the letter: President’s letter, Dues envelopes, social calendar, and invitation to kick off. The 1st vice orders the galleys and mailing labels from headquarters in March/April.
·         Receive dues envelopes and keep an updated directory to include all current dues paying members. Update information as needed and share the information with communications chair and headquarters.
·         Send address changes to HQ in a timely manner
·         Revise/update the directory with all current calendar & membership information: i.e., current board, social calendar, and member directory. Have directory printed and hand out at kick off to all dues paying members.
·         Mail any unclaimed directories after kick-off to dues paid members only.
·         Maintain a current list of dues- paying members. (send list  to treasurer & president)
·         Give all dues checks to Treasurer along with current list of paid members.
·         Continue to collect dues throughout year. Verify that all association officers/board members have paid their dues
·         Provide a list outlining new/returning members for the president, membership chairman, and hospitality chair prior to Kick-Off event.
·         Provide updated email addresses to the event communications chair.
·         From annual dues envelope, compile lists & distribute to appropriate chairpersons; ie)
o        Email addresses go to > Comm. Chair
o        Updated mailing addresses go to >circulation chair Volunteer list go to > board members
o        Hosts & greeter volunteers go to> event chairs
o        Compile special interest groups lists
·         Keep the historical record of former dues-paying members of the AA. Compare lists of current dues-payers to former dues-payers and send reminders to those who have not yet joined or paid dues. And share this list w/ Membership development to aid in “recruiting” back to join AA.
·         Review Galleys to identify members that are new to area & forward names to Hospitality Chairperson.
·         Work w/ Education Chairperson to compile annual list of FDT Honorees (using Minerva Magic Guide). This list should be complied in early September.
·         Succeed to the office of President in case of vacancy
·         Send Association’s Annual Directory to PDA, RDA & DA.
(Refer to 1st VP Notebook for timelines and additional responsibilities) 
The duties of the Treasurer are to:
·         Keep accurate treasury books for the group.
·         Collect dues from First Vice President
·         Coordinate & approve budget guidelines for each event w/ event officers
·         Send annual fees to Headquarters, per-capita fees and alphabetized list of dues- paying members on or before Feb.1st.  
·         Send additional fees for new members, along with their names, before April 30th.
·         Prepare and send a yearly financial report on forms furnished by HQ to PDA by May 31st.
·         Disperse funds as required and to keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements.
·         Retain copies of the budget and financial report for two years.
·         Keep a separate accounting for funds raised for philanthropic purposes.
·         When budgeting for General Convention and Province Meeting, plan well in advance for a two-year period. Costs for General Convention are higher than those for Province Meeting.
·         Send copies of bank statements to President
·         Ensure that financial books are audited
(Please refer to Treasurers’ Notebook for more detailed information)
SECRETARY ( recording & corresponding) (update 3/10/2010)
The DNW-AA Secretarial responsibilities include:
Recording Secretary responsibilities:
·         Record meeting minutes at executive & general board meetings and provide a copy to the President.
·         Secure a “replacement” recording secretary if unable to attend a meeting.
·         Keep a hard-copy of approved meeting minutes, for historical records, in a Secretary notebook.
·         Send pertinent Alumnae Assoc. news to editor of The Key.
The Association Meeting Minutes should include:
1.       Names of members in attendance
2.       Kind of meeting, regular or special (ie. Exec. Bd. Meeting, Calendar Planning)
3.       Date and place of meeting
4.       Notice of approval of prior meeting minutes
5.       Reports of officers and committees
6.       All main motions, with name of proposer of motion
7.       Other action worthy of record
8.       Notation of the meetings social event, program or speaker.
9.       Time when meeting adjourned
 Secretarial Correspondence includes:
  • Gather / compile both interesting and trivial information about members and their families to be shared w/ association.(i.e. relocations, engagements, births, illness/surgery, deaths and new Kappa pledges.  
    1. Writing and sending notes & cards on behalf of the Association and its members. (i.e., thank you notes, congratulations & sympathy cards)
    2. Submit pertinent information to DNW-AA Newsletter Editor, and HQ upon death notice (w/obit attached); this information should be both confirmed and accurate.
    3. Keep an accurate account of all correspondence, including dates when notes were written & sent
Reference Liaison includes:
·         Keep on file and be familiar with all current membership information
·         Follow all procedures regarding references
·         The Association Event Planner (AEP) is responsible for DNW-AA’s four main annual events that take place throughout the year as follows:
1.       Kick Off Dinner (Sept.) – AEP coordinates the location and cost of the event. Works closely with the treasurer and budget. Provides a formal invitation in the president’s letter with all details of the event. The AEP plans all food, beverage and flower centerpieces and provides name tags for the event. Also, the AEP collects all checks and forwards them to the treasurer.
2.       Founders Day Tea (Oct.) – AEP coordinates the house/location and hostesses for the tea, provide a write up for the newsletter, and collects $. /per person at the door and hands out name tags. The AEP acts as the “Social Chairman” for the tea and provides tea sandwiches, tea and coffee and floral centerpiece for the hostess’ house. Also the AEP coordinates with host and hostesses to bring mini desserts.
3.       Kappa Holiday Sharing (Dec.) – AEP secures house and hostesses. She organizes and purchases all beverages and gets volunteers to bring food. She Provides paper goods& name tags. Works closely with Holiday Sharing Chairperson.
4.       Spring Luncheon (May) – Secure house and hostesses. Plan this catered event and budget. Provide write up for the newsletter and collect $25.-30./ person and coordinate budget with treasurer. Provide paper products, name tags and flowers for the hostess’ house. Purchase food and beverages.
Advertise/Promote all events in newsletter, website and send email reminder to event communications chairperson. 1-2 weeks in advance with reminders if necessary.
·         Attend annual calendar planning meeting (usually in May or June)
·         All event expense plans & receipts must be approved by Treasurer & President
·         Collect $ prior to each event and make sure people “sign-in” at each event. Collect any unpaid event fees at time of event. 
·         Write a recap of each event to keep historical records of:
o         Cost
o        number of people who attended event
o        & any other pertinent info. to help plan future events (this helps w/ setting budget & location capacity)
The Membership/Hospitality Chair responsibilities include:
·         Provide &/or designate an attendance “Sign-In” sheet at every event for all attendees to sign. 
·         Greet Kappa’s at events/meetings, introduce newcomers to others & help Kappa’s connect with one another.
·         Arrange special welcome & introductions for newcomers. (Ex., giving flowers (Iris) to new members at Kick-off.)
·         Greet new or prospective members at each meeting by having a Welcoming Committee or members at the door to “meet & greet”
·         Call and encourage new members to attend meetings/ functions & share volunteer opportunities.
·         Keep list of new members interface or contact throughout year
·         Contact new members (get list from 1st VP in Fall) and invite to Kick-off and other events. (Obtain Galleys from VP or by using Minerva Magic Guidelines). See notebook.
·         Periodic follow-up calls with new members who have attended event(s).
·         Contact members who request phone reminders/updates vs. email
Work w/ 1st VP to get list of members who have not paid dues recently to help “recruit” back to AA
All expense plans for events (including receipts) must be approved to Treasurer & President
EDUCATION CHAIRPERSON(s) (updated 3/2010):
The Education Chair responsibilities include:
·         Planning, coordinating, and supervising all education activities within the association.
·         Attend Calendar Planning meeting set by President(s) (usually in May or June)
·         Inform & educate members of all aspects of Kappa traditions and values.
·         Coordinate/Plan “business” portion of Founders Day Tea Event:
1.       Working w/ First VP, Collect a list of the honorees in August from the Galleys. (see Minerva Magic for “how-to-guide”)
2.       Send out an invitation to all honorees. Make follow up phone calls. Invitations should be mailed out by Sept. 1 and follow up/interview calls made mid- September. 
3.       Create a “bio” write up of each honoree to be shared as she is introduced at event
4.       Order pins from headquarters after consulting with President about current stock. If no stock exists get order form from President or at KKG.org
5.       Order a flower for each honoree attending.
6.       Introduce and present each honoree at the tea with the write up you created about each.
7.       FDT Ritual to be performed during tea to honor & pin honorees
·         Association Event Planner (AEP) will plan “social” portion of FDT, including;
securing event location, food, tea, flowers for tables, member & honoree name tags,  and will also collect $./ person at the door or in advance (thru rsvp)
·         All expense plans for events (including receipts) must be approved to Treasurer & President
The Newsletter Editor is responsibilities include::
·         Sends out email reminder to all Board members informing of deadline for newsletter submissions for next newsletter.
·         Collects all “news/FYI” to be printed in the newsletter
·         Formats, edits & publishes newsletter to be e-mailed &/or post mailed to all dues paying members.
·         Sends rough draft to president and social chairs for review to be sure information is current & accurate.
·         Forwards final copy of newsletter to printer (if need to mail hard copies), and mails hard-copies to those who request “mailed/hard-copies”. Updated addresses should be in directory for mailing labels.
·         E-mail copy of newsletter to Province Director of Alumnae (PDA) see directory for current info. on this position or ask President
The Event Communications chair helps to:
·         Compile & updated the DNW-AA E-mail list (using past directory & current membership form)
·         Communicate all association events & information (per chairperson’s request).
·         Keep updated email list as new members join group or drop out.
·         Keep list of members who do not use email & want to receive post delivery communication (shre this info. w/ newsletter editor as she can print/mail hard copies to these individuals)
The Chapter Liaison Chairs will help to:
·         Encourage and develop a relationship w/ local KKG Chapters by sharing time, talents, financial resources & gifts in-kind to these Chapters as needed.
o        Keep logs/records of ways in which we have supported these chapters. 
·         Obtain Board prior approval for any expenses for planned events or any chapter support, including in-kind &/or monetary gifts.
·         Inform and educate Active Chapter Members about the role & goals of KKG Alumnae Associations and the benefits of joining an alumnae group.
·         Keep track of dates & miles traveled for gas reimbursement for travel to campus locations. Submit records to Treasurer. (Refer to budget/treasurer for this expense allotment)
·         Ideas for chapter support:
o        Send Graduation cards to graduating senior’s on-behalf of our DNW-AA
o        Obtain a “Wish-List” of items Chapter.s may need throughout the year.
o        Offer to support Chapter events; i.e., Preference/Initiation
o        Refer to Alum/Active information in Notebook for more ideas)
The Daytime/ Cultural Program Chair responsibilities include:
·         Attend Calendar Planning meeting set by President(s) (usually in May or June)
·         Responsible for planning daytime events, usually 2-3 per year, including a Cultural Event.
·         Complete & Keep a “Summary of Event” form for each event you have planned.
·         Advertise/Promote all events in newsletter, website and send email reminder to event communications chairperson. 1-2 weeks in advance with reminders if necessary.
·         All planned expenses & receipts must be approved by Treasurer & President
The Evening Program Chair responsibilities include:
·         Attend Calendar Planning Meeting set by President (usually in May/June)
·         Plan & coordinate evening events for association.(2-3 per year)
o        Coordinate the annual “Chat N’ Chew” event in the Spring.
·         Advertise/Promote all events in newsletter, website and send email reminder to event communications chairperson. 1-2 weeks in advance with reminders if necessary.
·         Complete & Keep a “Summary of Event” form for each event you have planned.
·         All planned expenses & receipts must be approved by Treasurer & President
·         Holiday Sharing duties include contacting HQ and requesting a “Kappa In Need” for the holiday season. 
·         Prepare a DNW-AA newsletter submission  re: our Holiday Sharing Recipient  (must keep KKG’s identity confidential…see past newsletters for example)
·         Collects funds from association to purchase requested items.
·         All planned expenses & receipts must be approved by Treasurer & President
The Philanthropy Chairperson will be responsible for:
·         Incorporating philanthropy events throughout the year at specific DNW-AA events.($$ fundraising or gifts in kind).
·         Plan & set goals for the year.
·         Attend Calendar Planning meeting to establish ideas for fundraising or in-kind giving.
·         Attend & present ideas at Board Meetings
·         Coordinate w/ other committee chairs ideas/themes for fundraising
·         Plan activities that will help support i.e., RIF, Kappa Foundation, local KKG chapters etc.
The RIF/ Magazine Chair responsibilities include:
·         Promoting use of the Rose McGill Magazine Agency by explaining the program, taking magazine orders and keeping records of subscriptions by members.
·         Create interest and enthusiasm through information about the Rose McGill Fund.
·         Send orders to the Rose McGill Magazine Agency, Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Headquarters, PO Box 308, Columbus, Ohio 43216 or phone 1-800-KKG-ROSE.
Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) responsibilities include:
·         Educate the DNW-AA members of the goals/purpose of the RIF organization, as this is KKG’s national philanthropy.
·         Promote awareness by planning events relating to RIF:
o        Book donations
o        Volunteer at RIF events
o        For more ideas go to HQ’s KKG website>  Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) section .
·         Keep records of any events planned for this philanthropy
·         All planned expenses must be approved by Board.
The Kappa Bridge Chairman is in charge of the (5) Kappa bridge leagues. She updates the rosters for each league (8 – 2 person teams). In August she sends a welcoming letter, a current roster and score sheets to each member. During the year, the chairman handles any problems which may arise. She also makes sure that each league has collected the fee ($20.) from its players. The checks are sent to the Kappa bridge chairman who records the payments and then gets them to the Kappa treasurer.
In June she sends printed postcards and the winner’s checks to each league chairman who then distributes them to the players in her league.
Now that all bridge league information is on the computer, this job is not too time consuming. The most time spent in the summer doing the mailings and again in June.
The qualifications for this office would be someone who plays bridge, is organized and is tactful. Some of the older players/league chairmen need a little guidance and understanding.
The duties of the Pan-Hellenic Delegate are to:
o        Attend all meetings of local Alumnae Pan-Hellenic or send an alternate.
o        Be familiar with the current NPC Manual of Information.
o        Promote interest in Pan-Hellenic projects.
The Nomination Chair is responsible for contacting members to fill positions on the DNW-AA Board.
·         Nominating Chair begins the slating process in January. 
·         The nominating chair should review all positions with Executive Bd. Members to make sure existing positions are still necessary. 
·         Proposed slate should be presented to the Board a minimum of 2 weeks prior to election of officers.
·         Election of officers to take place at Board Meeting prior to April 30th.
·         The nominating chair should have experience on the board and access to job descriptions for each position.    (see notebook)
·          The nominating chair should consider /reflect different age groups to keep the board vital. 
·         The nominating chair should first check with the current board member to determine what positions will be open. The person in the job should have first right of refusal for their position.
The Past President position is a consultant to the current President and board and provides support where needed.