The Keepers of the Key

We are Kappa alumnae and collegiate members, tied together through the internet, who are dedicated to redeeming and preserving Kappa Kappa Gamma badges and historic memorabilia. Our hope is to keep the keys in the hands of sisters and the Fraternity.

This crusade to rescue these items is an individual effort among an ever-growing band of sisters who are dedicated to assuring our badges remain symbols of membership in our great Fraternity rather than simply pieces of jewelry or collectors' items. Our group includes current and former Fraternity officers, chapter advisors, alumnae, and collegiate members. We are Kappas from different chapters, backgrounds, lifestyles, and age groups, but we all share a passion for keeping badges and other "Kapparobilia" in the Ka ppa Family.  An article in the Key highlights some fascinating stories of the Keys.

Since the popularity of eBay, Kappa badges (like many other NPC and IFC membership badges) have become highly collectable. We work to ensure Kappa badges stay in the Kappa family, not in the hands of non Kappa collectors or others who do not have the deep respect and appreciation Kappas have for our golden key.

We have rescued several historically significant pieces which are on display at Headquarters and at the Heritage Museum. Some of the badges we rescue have been lost or stolen. Some were gone for 50 years, and the members thought they would never see them again. The joy and happiness they express at being reunited with their Kappa key truly exemplifies the ties that bind us together as sisters in Kappa Kappa Gamma.

When we can't return them, we pass badges along to other sisters who reimburse us the purchase price, usually replacing a lost or stolen badge with one of the same style, chapter, or vintage. Some of us have our own collections of badges from our chapter or of various styles and eras. We rescue badges because we value the deeper meaning behind our golden key.


Badges & Guards Available for Adoption

If you are interested in adopting one of the badges listed here or want to learn more about the Keepers of the Key, please contact Kay Knocke (Keepers of the Key Chair). And thank you for supporting the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation! 10% of each adoption cost is donated to the Kappa Foundation to continue preserving our history and our future.  

Style Date Chapter School Name Price Additional Description
Gold 11/31/1999 Epsilon Psi  UC Santa Barbara  LC  $107.50  
Pearl/Sapphire 1/5/1997 Epsilon Phi Florida JSK Jennifer S Kieffer $343.75 Enameled letters + Greek letter charm
Pearl 5/17/1957 Delta Xi Carnegie Mellon Dorothy Hill $308.55 enamel letters
 Pearl 14K  2/24/1936  Gamma Lambda  Middlebury  Marjorie Marsh  $247.50  plain guard
 Gold 2/25/2006   Zeta Psi  Wake Forest  VGB  $131.99  
Plain 2/20/1991 Zeta Rho Colgate KCR $220.00  
Pearl 5/26/1930 Lambda Akron Janice Jones $286.00  
Pearl 4/21/1951 Delta Phi Bucknell Ann Louise Sheffer $280.50 Enamel Letters
 Pearl  3/13/1971 Gamma Nu   Arkansas MLJ Martha Jones  $164.00  Enamel Letters
Pearl 10/1/1966 Beta Xi Texas Jan Witherspoon $302.50

 bubble guard

 Pearl  [blank] [blank]   (blank)  [blank]  291.50  Ready to be personalized
 Pearl  4/2/1927  Beta Mu  Colorado  Lucy Ewing  $1,225.00  
Pearl 5/3/1947 Beta Delta Michigan Virginia Beabes


 Pearl  3/3/1962  Beta Mu  Colorado  Diane Marie Takewell  $201.85  
 Gold  3/27/2010  Beta Tau  Syracuse  MMH $85.25  
Plain gold 11/17/2012 Zeta Nu UC San Diego DS $103.79  
Gold 5/22/2010 Eta Kappa  Knox AD $112.75  
Dark Sapphires 1/2/1993 Delta Nu Mass MCL Mardi Luttrell $165.00  
Gold  3/4/1950  Gamma Nu  Arkansas  Elizabeth Hulse  $181.50  











 ELE (Erin Elefritz)  $144.00  
 Pearl/Sapphire 9/14/1991    Gamma Pi  Alabama  JJY  $125.40  
Pearl 14K  2/17/1925  Gamma Iota  Washington U  Anita Bowling(Bartley)  $280.50  
 Pearl  11/16/1946  Eta  Wisconsin  Margaret Mauer (Coerper)  $192.50  
Pearl/Sapphire  2/9/1957  Delta Upsilon  Georgia  Sarah Elizabeth deVaughn  $223.85  
 Pearl/Sapphire  2/9/1957  Delta Upsilon  Georgia  Elizabeth deVaughn  $211.75  
Plain 14K  2/23/1938  Gamma Iota  Washington U  Mary Ellen Griswald  $220.00  

Want to keep your badge safe and show off your chapter pride? Here are badge guards available for adoption. 

Chapter School Style Price
Beta Upsilon West Virginia  Plain             (2) $20.00
Delta Sigma Oklahoma State  Plain $20.00
Epsilon Epsilon Emory University Plain             (3) $20.00
Beta Upsilon West Virginia Plain            $20.00
Gamma Upsilon British Columbia Plain             $20.00
Zeta Eta U Calif Irvine Plain             (3)  $20.00

 updated Sept 3, 2016