The Greater Hartford Alumni Association (GHAA) dates back to the 1940s. After a hiatus for a number of years the GHAA was recently reorganized with increasing membership year over year!  

At the 2011 Alpha/Rho Province meeting, GHAA was one of 3 Rho associations that received the "Active/Alumnae Interact Recognition award" which ackowledges and celebrates AAs that actively contribute time and resources to support a chapter or chapters with advisors and house boards. 

In addition, GHAA was the sole recipiant of the Rho "Fleur-de-Lis award".  It is a pendant worn by the association in Rho province that best promotes the greek experience in New England.  GHAA doubled it membership in 2010-11, and offered a wide variety of programs both social and philanthropic. The accomplishments of GHAA, as a recently reorganized association were outstanding.  

Greater Hartford Alumni Association 2012 - 2014 Officers 

    • President: Lexia
    • Treasurer: Jannie
    • Secretary: Danielle
    • Philanthropy Chair: ???
    • Social Chair: Kristina
    • Public Relations Chair / New Member Chair: Kelly