Paying your membership dues is the single most essential piece of being an Alumna. Your dues are what allow GRAA and the Fraternity to function and operate. In order to make this as easy as possible, GRAA offers several options which we believe allow each woman to fulfill her committment around her schedule and financial goals.  


Option 1: Please remit your full payment to GRAA of KKG (523 Keisler Drive, Suite 102, Cary, NC  27518). Member forms can be completed online or found at the bottom of the "Membership" section and mailed in with your payment. 

Option 2: Convienently and securely make your online payment via PayPal. Please note that this option includes a 3.2% tax to help cover the 3.9% that GRAA is charged. 

Membership Level

Option 3: We recognize that some women may have budgets and financial goals that make a one time payment more challenging. In order to help accommodate these Kappas, GRAA will offer the option to make 5 monthly payments of $11. This option does not include an additional tax.

Last Updated: Thursday, April 10, 2014
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