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2018-2019 Year Pin Recipients


Founders Day Celebration

Lake Washington Alumnae Association will be hosting Founders Day on Sunday, October 21st.  Cost is $40.  Social hour begins at 11:00 am, lunch at noon plus our program.  You may RSVP using our form included in our newsletter.  Also, watch for our evite!


We will be announcing the recipients of Kappa Awards and giving special recognition to our 75, 65, 50 and 25-year Kappas as listed below:


75 Year Kappas:  Mary O’Keefe Stanton, Eugenia Mannon Rooth, Nanette Holmes Tyson, Elizabeth Willis Lawrence 


65 Year Kappas:  Phyllis Adams Hayes, Elizabeth Hurlbut Lohr, Jennifer Upton Reid, Ardyth Upton Green,

           Mary Stockman Carpenter, Lonnie Hallman Hubbard, Catherine Goddard Allen, Ada Ross Keown


50 Year Kappas:  Linda Larrick Enkema, Mary Wheary Evans, Kristin Gjesdahl Olson, Shannon Goodfellow Fowler,

           Janet Martin Ott, Colleen Bergevin Brown, Vandra Huber, Joyce Bryant Charlot, Katherine North, Sue Peringer-Borroff


25 Year KappasJulie Rice Crosetto, Jonnel Arthaud, Heather Blystone Axtell, Sheri Espinoza, Katie LaCroix,

         Julie Parker Newcomer, Erika Hardisty Brown, Tiffany Simmons English, Tammy Killingsworth Hossfeld, Angeli Manhas,

         Cheryl Poussier Reilly, Leslie Taylor, Roz Wood, Meika Nowak Magee, Laurie Williams, Ragan Bradfield Kim, Kathy Condit,

         Wynne Kennedy Roll, Leslie Takeuchi



 IOTA PROVINCE LOYALTY AWARDPatsy Gottschalk, Beta Kappa, University of Idaho and member of Lake Washington Alumnae Association.  Patsy received a beautiful gold fleur de lis pin to be worn until the next Province Convention.


Doris Bronson Morrill Award

Fleur de Lis Award

Mary Maxwell Gates Award


The Mary Shuham Dore Kappa Kappa Gamma Award

This award is to be given by the Lake Washington Alumnae Association to a deserving Iota Province Kappa who has demonstrated Mary Dore’s exceptional Kourage, Karing and Generosity.   If you would like to nominate a Kappa, please Contact Us for an application.


Mary’s life was forever changed when in 1961 her fourth child, Christine Marie Dore, succumbed to what became known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  At the time there was no support or information for parents whose healthy children unexpectedly die in their cribs, but Mary’s unending compassion for others began to support other parents who had suffered the same tragedy.  In time she began to question the lack of information or what could be done to prevent this from happening.  The following year she and other SIDS parents formed the SIDS Foundation of Washington and began campaigning to pass a bill in the State Senate mandating that all children under the age of 3 years who die from SIDS must be autopsied under consistent conditions so as to study probable causes and possible preventive measures.  In 1963 this bill was passed and research began at the University of Washington, later at Children’s Hospital.

Mary’s husband, Fred Dore, a State Senator, later a judge on the State Supreme Court, was a valued ally in the quest for recognition of SIDS, then in lobbying for an international convention held in Seattle in 1969 wherein SIDS was finally classified as a real disease.  In 1974 there was federal legislation passed to provide funds for local communities to establish programs for parents to cope with these tragedies.  Mary’s efforts in King County ultimately served as a model for the rest of the nation.  By 1975 the research into SIDS finally began to gain national funding and national interest in research.

Mary’s compassion compelled her to push relentlessly to find the causes of SIDS, prevention of SIDS and to help parents who had lost an infant.  In the process she became known as a “disturber of the peace”, for she never gave up her quest to help others.  In later years she served on the grief council of her church, again to help people cope with tragedy even beyond that of SIDS. 

In addition to Mary’s huge accomplishment with SIDS and her commitment to her local and national community, her life revolved around her husband and precious family of five remaining children, later ten grandchildren.  She was a mentor for her children and others, a catalyst among her neighbors who never hesitated to speak her mind, always with consideration for others.  During the last year of her life she was courageous in facing her deteriorating health and never wavered in her grasp on life.

This award is to reflect a candidate’s perseverance in pursuing a goal which betters her own community or a much larger one.  It is to reflect Mary’s courage in stepping out of her comfort zone, becoming a disturber of the peace and coping with adversity along the way.  As well, it is to reflect Mary’s unending caring toward others and her generosity in time and, perhaps resources, given to such an endeavor.

Congratulations to our past recipients:  Tracy Crail



This award will be given by the Lake Washington Association and is accompanied by a certificate and a silver plated pedestal cake platter, to be held until the selection of the next recipient.  The President of Lake Washington will appoint a committee, approved by the members, to select a candidate from Iota Province at large.  The award will be presented by a Lake Washington representative at the Province Convention every two years or when there is a qualified nominee.




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