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                                   President's Message - Fall 2017

Dear Kappas,

My letter is about Change!  Recently my mother had a heart attack followed by surgery and the next morning my father had a stroke and he too had surgery.  Yes, your life Changes immediately.  This is true for Kappa too.  Substantial Changes started in 2016-2017 as Kappa rolled out the new organizational structure.  Rapid Changes are coming in 2017- 2018 therefore, there is greater opportunity and need within our alumnae community for help with planning, communications, leadership and programs.  While each generation views Kappa through their own lenses, we must remain open to Change as educational, exciting, and fun.  So, how can you get involved in the Changes taking place?  For some it will be paying dues, maybe attending one event, volunteering at one of our various philanthropies or helping place information on social media for upcoming events.  Whichever it is you choose you will be a part of the Change and your contribution of time, talent or treasure will add to and improve the Changes we all are experiencing.  Sooo.. Fill out and return the enclosed Membership form and join us as we ride the wave of Kappa Change….together we can make a difference!

Founders Day this year will mark an momentous Change as we honor 25-year Kappa’s and celebrate the event at the Beta Pi Chapter on the University of Washington campus. Check out the date and time and mark your calendar. Please RSVP early to make sure you are in attendance for this historical moment.

Change can be scary if we let it be, I have chosen to embrace all the Changes that come my way and enjoy the ride!  Looking forward to you and alumnae of all generations joining me as we ride this wave of Change in 2017- 2018.  Remember, Kappa is for a Lifetime and so is Change.


Kathy Barr Wakefield, Delta Pi


President, Lake Washington Alumnae Association



Lake Washington Alumnae Association of KKG

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