Timeline for Sorority Recruitment - Fall and Spring Recruitment

This timeline is for all Potential New Members (PNM's) participating in recruitment, including those universities who have Deferred Recruitment in January. These tips are designed to give PNM's an advantage during the recruitment process. They are recommended in order to give the PNM, the sorority alumnae and the chapters plenty of time to focus on the PNM and give her the best chances for success.


  • Take SAT and ACT.
  • Documentation of results is required
  • Start planning your pictures. Three poses are recommended.
  • Build your resume. Update it as the year progresses. Identify and work on those areas that need strengthening.
  • START networking! Locate every adult woman who is a sorority alumna.
  • Locate your friends who are currently in sororities. Let them know you will be a PNM participating in recruitment.
  • Share contacts with your friends.
  • Keep careful records of names, phone numbers, and addresses of all women helping you with recruitment. Know which sorority GREEK LETTERS go with each contact name!
  • Clean up those social WEBSITES! Sororities look...
  • Make wise choices. Guard your behavior and reputation.
  • Decide which university you will attend. At least narrow it down to the top 3.

Start of Spring Semester:

  • Check the PRAP website for date and details for the sorority forum that will be held in early spring.
  • Parents are also encouraged to attend!!!
  • The forum is sponsored by Plano-Richardson Alumnae Panhellenic (PRAP) Association.
  • After the forum register with PRAP online at www.praptx.org. There are no fees involved with registering with PRAP.
  • You will receive a reply confirming the receipt of your registration with the contact list for the  PRAP Area Recruitment Chairs.
  • Check to see if the university you plan to attend has a panhellenc day, make every effort to attend.
  • Please join our group on Facebook under Plano-Richardson Alumnae Panhellenic.

Preparing your packet:

  • Carefully read the PRAP Recruitment Guide Information that is available on the PRAP website for detailed information about transcript, pictures and resume. 
  • Begin contacting sorority alumnae for help in securing RIF's and LOS (References and Letters of Support).
  • Each sorority may have similiar but different requirements as to what is needed in order to complete a RIF or LOS.
  • Contact the Collegiate Panhellenic Office at your campus for instructions on registering for recruitment. Do not miss their deadlines! There is a fee required. Keep your receipt! Generally, registration starts at the beginning of summer.
  • High School and College (if applicable) Transcripts: Request copies.  
  • Most alumna will accept unoffical copies just make sure to provide front and back.
  • Finalize your pictures. PRAP recommends three poses. Have plenty on hand for unexpected requests.
  • Fine tune your resume.
  • Be prepared to submit your recruitment packet digitally or hard copy.
  • See the PRAP website for details regarding scholarship being offered by PRAP.
  • Remember to join the Plano-Richardson Alumnae Panhellenic Facebook group page! 
  • PRAP Area Recruitment Chairs generally process all RIF's and LOS for the upcoming school year beginning in April (including schools with deferred recruitment). 
  • Reference writers may have different deadlines for submitting references.  
  • PNM's are advised to get their packets to their reference writers as soon as possible as everyone is very busy as the school.
  • Be sure to write a thank you note to all alumnae who helped you with this process. 
  • May 15 - preparation process completed, packets completed and turned in!  
  • Did you remember to write your thank you notes?


  • Attend the freshman orientation.
  • PRAP highly recommends you verify registration with the Collegiate Panhellenic Office to be certain they have received your fees and packets before their deadline.
  • Select your Recruitment Week wardrobe. Wear any new shoes…break them in!
  • If you change universities, let PRAP know via email to recruitment@praptx.org. Contact alumnae who have written a RIF or LOS and send them new packets as needed.
  • If you decide not to participate in recruitment, let us know via email to recruitment@praptx.org and contact the alumnae who have written RIFs and LOS.

During Recruitment Events

  • Sparkle, be friendly, and be engaged in the conversation with collegiates during recruitment.
  • “Sell” yourself to the collegiates. Pay attention while being interviewed.
  • DO NOT: act bored, aloof, fake, phony or look around the room while being interviewed.
  • BE YOURSELF! Be yourself and you will find the right place for you!
  • If you have issues during recruitment please discuss these with the recruitment advisor provided by the collegiate panhellenic office.
  • At the conclusion of Recruitment Week PRAP woulds appreciate hearing how it ended.  Email results@praptx.org


Good luck and have fun!

For more information on Sorority Recruitment or Recommendation Letters

Please contact our chairman at rpkappareferencechair@gmail.com.