Some History 

Our association was chartered as a Club in 1984. Past presidents include:      

1985-1987     Marilyn Duguid  

1987-1989     Alice Hodgdon

1989-1991     Pat Russo

1991-1993     Libby Hatfield

1993-1995     Bobbe Redding

1995-1997     Billie Cantlay

1997-1999     Catherine Freiling

1999-2001     Ann Schnaedter

2001-2003     Linda Gyorog

2003-2005     Liz Conroy

2005-2006     Lee Miller

2006-2008     Bobbie Garver

2008-2010     Pat Russo

2010-2012     Alice Krantz

2012-          Cynthia Cashore     

We have engaged in many different activities over the years in our wonderful community—a slice of small town USA.  With the College of William and Mary and historic City of Williamsburg at our doorstep, we never lack for interesting things to do and new people to meet.  Long-time member Mary Inskeep has even been known to meet someone in line at the store, discover she is a Kappa, and bring her to the next meeting.  That is “recruiting” at its best.